Prescription Drug Use On the Rise in Children

Prescription Drug Use On the Rise in Children.

It is such a shame that such a large number of CHILDREN are taking prescription medication for Type 2 Diabetes. Most of you know that Type 2 Diabetes is brought on by lifestyle. So poor diet and lack of exercise is leading to this completely PREVENTABLE disease. 😦

I wish that more parents understood the benefits of a well planned, plant based diet for their children. A Vegan diet  can save lives, yet so few doctors will recommend it to their patients. Drugs, drugs, drugs….. is this really the answer?

And by the way, well balanced plant based diets have not only been proven to PREVENT Type 2 Diabetes, but also to REVERSE Type 2 Diabetes!

For more information on this topic, please read “The China Study” by Dr. T Colin Campbell.

Healthy School Lunches / Healthy School Lunch Revolution

Healthy School Lunches / Healthy School Lunch Revolution.

I love preparing a healthy Vegan lunch for my son each day, but sometimes If I’m in a hurry, or low on groceries, I need him to buy lunch at school. Unfortunately the only Vegan option they offer is PB&J. I guess I should be happy that they at least have something for him, but c’mon, food is life, and a kid can’t live on just PB&J!! Even the salad option is “Chef Salad”!!!

I honestly have trouble understanding, how any good parent allows their child to eat “brunch for lunch” (greasy sausage & french toast sticks), mystery meat, low grade beef tacos and the other garbage served in cafeterias across the country!!

It’s not much of a surprise that 1/3 of the kids in America are considered overweight, and setting themselves up for a life with chronic disease!

Please check out this informative site and sign the petition for healthy school lunches! Our kids deserve better!!

"But Where Do You Get Your Protein"????

As a Vegan, you get pretty used to people constantly asking you, “where do you get your protein”? And most meat eaters assume that their main source of protein, is more complete and simply… BETTER than yours! I also think, that although most Vegans know that plant based protein is just as adequate as animal protein, I wonder how many Vegans realize how the two protein sources really stack up! I also wonder how many meat eaters & Vegans realize how much protein we actually need, compared to how much protein the average American gets. Most Americans get around twice as much protein as they need.  And keep in mind…. you CAN get too much protein! And too much protein has been linked to certain cancers, including liver cancer. So pay attention……

Recommended Protein Intake for the “average adult” is 0.9 g protein per kg body weight

To figure out your weight in kg, take your weight and divide it by 2.2

Ex. A 135 lb person would be 61.2 kg

To figure out your daily need of protein, take you weight in kg and multiple it by 0.9

So a person weighing 61.2 kg would require about 55 g of protein per day.

Take note, that special populations such as children, athletes and certain other people, do require higher protein intake.

Plants Protein Sources:                                                                                                                                        Animal Protein Sources:

1 cup of raw bean sprouts- 3.2 grams of protein                                                                                         1/2 cup of cows milk- 4 grams of protein

1 cup of chickpeas- 14.5 grams of protein                                                                                                      1 medium egg- 5.5 grams of  protein

1 cup of lentils- 17.9 grams of protein                                                                                                          2 oz of roasted chicken- 15.3 grams of protein

1 cup of soybeans- 28.6 grams of protein                                                                                                          2 oz of ground beef- 10.6 grams of protein

1/2 cup of tofu-19.9 grams of protein                                                                                                              3/4 oz of cheddar cheese- 5.3 grams of protein

1/4 cup of almonds-7.4 grams of protein                                                                                                           2 oz broiled or baked cod- 12.9 grams of protein

1/4 cup of sunflower seeds- 8 grams of protein                                                                                                2 oz baked or broiled salmon- 15.5 grams of protein

1/2 cup of brown rice- 4.5 grams of protein

Anyone find it amazing that beef contains less than half the protein of soybeans?!?!

And the BEST part….. there is NO cholesterol is plant food…. NONE!! Dietary cholesterol ONLY comes from animal products!

So next time you are asked the question… “where do you get your protein”?  Answer…. where DON’T I get it!!! Other than animals that is….. 🙂

Also take note, that a “well planned” plant based diet, does offer us all 9 of the essential amino acids that must be supplied by our diet.

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