“My New Love For Gardening”

Since going Vegan a year ago, I have been dreaming of starting a vegetable garden. There is something beautiful and fulfilling about creating your own food. I began growing seedlings in my dining room last March, and now every cabbage, pepper, bean, cucumber, squash, zucchini, tomato, lettuce, broccoli, brussels sprout, garlic & onion has been planted into the earth.

I am so excited to nurture my little plants and watch them sprout & grow every day! I am loving every minute of this fascinating process!

The kids enjoy checking on the plants each day and watering them in the evening, I just wish they would help me with the weeding!

I’m not sure how long it will be until we can start eating our garden veggies, but for now I’m having a great time watching them grow! Who knew plants could be so much fun?

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