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  1. Hi Lisa,
    We love what you write about and who you are. I am the director of the Institute for Humane Education – the nonprofit educational organization co-founded by Zoe Weil who also writes for One Green Planet. We have lots of resources and programs to support people in making more ethical, sustainable and just choices for a better world. (www.humaneeducation.org) We are partnering with One Green Planet over the next few months to jointly offer our online courses. One such course is coming right up and I thought you might be interested in knowing about it – “Raising a Humane Child” is a 6 week online course for parents wanting to raise compassionate and conscientious children. Here’s the link: http://humaneeducation.org/sections/view/raising_a_humane_child
    We have lots of other resources to share in your blog too, including Zoe’s fantastic book “Above All Be Kind” that accompanies the online course,
    I hope this is all useful to you and that you are willing to help share our resources.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I’m from the Humane Society of the United States and we’re interested in working with you. Can you shoot me an email at gbrooks [at] humanesociety.org? Thanks very much!

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