New Blood Test For Vegans and Aspiring Vegans


As a vegan of almost 10 years, I’ve found myself wondering about certain health concerns many times. I’m not worried about being vegan, but I prefer to know as much about my physical wellbeing as possible. I have always been health oriented and have strived to eat well and stay at a healthy weight, but it’s only natural to remain curious about my blood results. I have had various tests over the years at physicals and check ups, but I’ve never been offered full blood panel tests, specifically designed to check for possible nutrient deficiencies.

Recently I have been introduced to a brand new blood test that can tell vegans exactly what nutrients in which they may be deficient. is a pioneer company that is allowing vegans to take control of their health and overall wellness, by testing for the most common deficiencies:

  • B-12
  • Calcium
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • D-25 Hydroxy (Vitamin D-3)
  • Ferritin
  • Folic Acid
  • Homocysteine
  • Iron believes that following a whole foods plant based diet is an extremely healthy way to live and they are a strong promoter of this heart healthy lifestyle. If your test shows deficiencies while following a vegan diet, there most likely are certain plant based foods that are missing from your daily food regimen. There are many types of vegan diets and not all are healthy. Please take control of your health and  look into ordering the Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel. This test is extremely affordable and will not break the bank! You can have a full blood panel done for only $149 and if you mention The Vegan Mom over the phone or enter the code TheVeganMom25 on their website, you will save 25%.

For all of my non-vegan friends, (yes I do have non-vegan friends) offers a “Should I Be Vegan”? test. I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from a whole foods, vegan diet. There are however certain people that absolutely should not be consuming animal products due to allergies and intolerances.

Of the 15 million people that have food allergies, dairy, eggs, fish & shellfish are the worst offenders! The Standard vegan test panel tests for 21 meat and dairy products and the Basic panel tests for 18 possible allergens. You can even opt for the more in depth Comprehensive vegan test panel which tests for 38 meat & dairy products! Science is amazing! The Should I Be Vegan? test will cost between $199-$399 and please mention TheVeganMom25 for your discount.

I often have readers that ask me ‘how do I get my husband to go vegan’ or ‘my mother in law argues with us about our vegan lifestyle’…… now I can recommend that they take one of these tests.

Veganism is the diet and lifestyle of the future. Now we have all the tools we need to ensure that our diets are fueling our bodies and allowing us to live the healthiest life possible.

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