A Review Of “Happy Thanks Living” Coloring Zine

I have recently come across a sweet & informative coloring zine called “Happy Thanks Living”, created by children’s author, Nathalie VanBalen.

This 20 page black & white book is filled with adorable illustrations and cute poems for your child to enjoy. Pictures of Turkey friends, apple trees & yummy veggies will not only foster your child’s creativity, but also teach compassion & respect for the inquisitive birds that represent Thanksgiving.

If you would like to purchase a coloring zine for a child you love, visit www.thorathinks.com

Let’s teach our children that turkeys are friends! Not Food!

-zines cost $5 each (this includes shipping within the U.S.)
-20 pages, black and white, printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper
-bound with thread rather than staples for the safety of little ones
-coloring fun for people of all ages! 🙂

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  2. Hi! I commented earlier about this being my first time to the site and a few questions I had about raising my little family to be organic/vegans. I started to Google all sorts of things and cook books…and I came across this site that let you read the first few pages of a book called: The Vegetarian Myth. I was wondering if you could review the book, if you’ve ever read it. It seems like a pretty interesting book but I was only able to read the first few pages, to read more I’d have to purchase it. So if you’ve ever read it, I’d love to know your review on it to see if its worth purchasing at all. Thanks 🙂
    It’s called:
    The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability
    Lierre Keith

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