Dr.T Colin Campbell

vegnewsbannerI just found the author of “The China Study”, Dr. T Colin Campbell  on Twitter. This man’s 30 year study, on the effects animal protein has on our bodies, is staggering!! His information opened my eyes to the health benefits of a plant based diet, and I am forever grateful for that!!! I went vegetarian/almost Vegan, the day after I saw a program based on his book. It still boggles my mind, that anyone in the medical community eats meat. I mean, with all of the knowledge doctors have, how do they not switch to a vegan diet??  It makes me think of the nurses huddled up, smoking cigarettes, outside of the hospital while on their break. These people know that cigarettes kill you, but that does not stop them…..

If you get the chance to read “The China Study”, please do it! Even if you are already Vegan, it will fill you with knowledge and a deeper understanding, of the amazing powers a plant based diet has on the human body and the damaging effects animal protein has on our physical health.


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