A Vegan Mom in South Beach…..

Dad and I in MiamiWOW, what a great time I had in South Beach this past week!!! The weather was chilly, but the company, the sights, the shopping and the FOOD was amazing!!

We never had a lack of interesting and fun things to do! I swear, this place never sleeps!! I shopped like crazy, and found a fabulous pair of GUCCI sunglasses at a great price. I looked and looked for shoes, but leather was all I could find. Oh well, it’s not like I NEED more shoes anyway!

I loved the diversity of the people….. so many languages and accents all around me. I also love that dogs are doted on as much as children!! I have never seen so many gorgeous outfits on canines in my life!! lol  Seriously, these people love their pups!

I can honestly say that finding Vegan cuisine in this area was actually pretty easy!! I mean, I had to make alterations to most items on the menu, but every restaurant I visited was more than happy to cater to my Vegan needs. I found a delicious veggie hash for breakfast at “Joe’s Crab” and an “out of this world” spicy Thai peanut pizza at “Nexxt”. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a “Whole Foods” around the corner. God I love the Vegan cookies there!

Over all this was one of my favorite getaways I have ever taken, mostly because I spent some well needed, quality time with my dad and sister. But also because of the “zest for life” attitude South Beach offers it’s visitors.

You never know who you will meet there…. or what television show you will end up on! 🙂

The three of us were walking down Ocean Drive, and out of the blue we were asked if we would like to be on the show “Man vs Food” on The Travel Channel!!! What a shock! We said yes of course, I mean, who would say no to that?? The host Adam Richman is pretty much the polar opposite of myself….. considering he will eat an entire cow in one sitting and I…… um, DON’T EAT COWS!!!! BUT…. he is a very cool and friendly guy, and I had a great time chatting with him for the show! We talked a bit about shopping, and the great Gucci glasses I bought, but we mostly talked about what South Beach restaurants were offering to me as a Vegan!!! I was so proud and excited to be given a chance to talk about being “Vegan” on national television. I really feel that this opportunity did not simply fall in my lap, but was meant to be… I believe that the universe is giving me gifts, including this blog, as a way to inform and educate people on the importance of cruelty free living.

The episode of “Man vs Food” will air on February 3rd on the Travel Channel at 9pm. Please tune in!!!


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