What am I blogging about anyway???? I'll tell you!!!

Although making the choice to become vegan may seem like no big deal to some people…. it’s actually a life changing decision!! It is one of the most compassionate yet confusing choices a human being can make!

What can I eat?? Where can I shop?? Does anyone understand me??? Do my friends and family think I’m crazy????

Being a vegan can feel very frustrating and lonely at times, this I will admit!! But it can also feel rewarding and exciting!! Vegans do so much good stuff each day. We save animals, we help our earth, we educate others and we improve our physical health. No other lifestyle can take credit for doing all of this!!

Notice I refer to being vegan as a lifestyle, and not a diet. Vegans do not only omit animals from their meals, but from their clothes, furniture, accessories, etc…. Vegans do not wish exploit animals in any way!

So, back to the big question, “what am I blogging about anyway???? I am blogging about the daily struggles of being a vegan. I will also talk about raising veggie eating kids and the difficulties they encounter each day. I will give my personal reviews on vegan magazines, websites, cookbooks & more……

I hope that my blog can be a voice for vegan families and those who are thinking about making the switch to the most compassionate of all lifestyles.

Please give me your feedback!!

Enjoy your veggies,


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