Happy New Year…. I'm a Vegan now!!!!!

Happy 2010 everyone!!! I’m on day 2 of being a strict vegan and I feel great!! I am super excited to keep you updated on my daily ups and downs. Being a vegan mom in a non vegan world is quite a struggle, but I’m excited for the challenge!!!!

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  1. I decided to start reading your blog from the start. I am recently a vegan mum. I am doing my best to be strict, for at least 1-2 weeks now. I fell off the wagon once when I went to a BBQ to make friends. I have never met the people before, but I did bring two vegan dishes, one a side and the other a dessert. I had a little animal product, more vegetarian then vegan. I am getting a hard time from a few people about going Vegan, especially because of my little one. He will be 2 in Aug, and was piratically vegan without me realizing it at first. People warn me to be careful and to not starve Cedric. I know I dont need to worry but finding your blog and seeing someone else go through it is fantastic. Now I just need to find vegan friends in my area (only lived here for 6 months, and currently have no friends). I hope you keep up the fantastic work, and that I can update a comment soon with how well my family is doing.

  2. Thank you for reading my blog! I wish you the best of luck with your new Vegan lifestyle! How lucky your little boy is, to have a compassionate & health conscious mom such as yourself! I’ll check on the Man vs Food link. Take care!

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